Totsy’s tablet app

I managed an outside development team for Totsy’s tablet app. After receiving the first iteration of comps from the team, I halted development and immediately began designing the flow myself using knowledge gained from our desktop site. I began to chart the user experience through the key flow; from the home screen through adding a product to cart.

I mapped the application structure using Google Analytics and Pentaho reports as a backbone, and noting tablet popularity (a vertical iPad was our top viewing browser, IE8 second, and a horizontal iPad third). I also applied knowledge gained from user testing focus groups, seeing and hearing first-hand how our demographics were exploring the desktop site, and working that into the new design. The basics: clean sale selection, highlighted discounts, quick-jumps to one sale from another, quick-jumps to one product from another, and a focus on the “key three” of the product page: image, price, buy button.

Once formulated and prepped for the iTunes Store and Google Play Store, this design served as the basis for our desktop site relaunch, utilizing a minimalized and concentrated mobile-first responsive design.