Totsy Portal

While contemplating the future of Totsy, I decided to explore carving a new path: a Totsy Portal expanding on the world of the current eCommerce-only site. This direction would differentiate Totsy from competitors, establish an entirely new platform, maximize revenue opportunities, and be a true venture on trying something new.

The shop was not to be ignored or abandoned — quite the opposite — it would star as the centerpiece of the new path. The sales would continue to exist as they would; additional content would be built outward, supporting the store.

Key to the Totsy Portal is the Universe Navigation bar: a streamlined menu, offering users access to every experience from a simple, clutter-free display. Hovering fixed above other content, the main menu is structured into four elements: Shop, Learn, Share, and Play, the cornerstones of the portal. Each of these main sections feature broad Mega Menu dropdowns for precise navigation. Additionally, each would sport indicators (like iOS notifications) attracting user focus to new content. The remainder of the Universe Navigation (UniNav) is a robust member / sign in section, a search field to power user-driven hunting, and the active cart area.